Family Camping Gear

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In various articles we have discussed camping gear and essential equipment for a family camping vacation.In this post I will try and generate a possible check list of items you need to bring on your camping vacation.In some instances I will expand on the particular camping item.

Camping Gear required for a family camping vacation.

Camp:  If it is new do a dry run of putting it up in yourgarden, If it was used previously, ensure it is complete and that it was put away dry.Have you all the camp poles, pegs, a rubber mallet to put in the pegs?.Do you need a pop tent as an additional play area?

Sleeping Pads/ Ground Sheets: Have you one for each member of family , if used previously are they dry and clean.

Sleeping Bags:  Have you a camping sleeping bag for each of the family. Are they age and season appropriate. If used previously ensure they are dry and clean.

Car Air Beds: These are an absolute no brainer, if you plan on using your vehicle instead of a full camp site. Learn more about them and decide if this is the necessary sleeping solution for you.

Chemical Toilet: If you are wild camping, you will need to consider toilet facilities and possible enclosure for toilet. If you are going to a serviced camping site, then generally you should be able to use the facilities 24/7.

Utensils:  If you have rucksack picnic set, then generally you will have all the cups, plates etc you will need. if you are buying a new rucksack picnic set for camping, ensure the ware is unbreakable and dishwasher safe. If you are using your previously used picnic set, ensure all the items are clean and present.

Cookware: the cookware you bring will depend on  the dining arrangements you have already decided and whether you intend to cook or not.  maybe you only need a simple kettle  or the fully monty of pots and pans, etc. Whatever you decide, ensure they are complete and  in working order. I find a thermos flask great for that quick cup of coffee whilst lazing around.

Cooking Equipment:  Cooking equipment generally consists of a camping stove. If you have one already, ensure it is in working order, ensure the gas is full and that any hoses, regulators are undamaged. If you have to buy a camping stove, in my view the double burner type camping stove with grill facility is ideal for family camping. If you purchase a new unit, assemble and use it prior to setting out on your camping vacation. At least you will know it is complete and you will be a guru camping cook.

Ensure the stove you purchase has an easily available butane/propane replacement gas cylinder. You do not want to find yourself halfway through your vacation, out of gas and no similar gas to be got in the area where you are camping.  Your family will be suitably impressed if this occurs and you have to revert to the cold beans.